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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy draws upon ancient healing arts and traditions to deliver a deeply relaxing massage which is about creating and maintaining balance.

The therapist combines the use of hot and cold stones with traditional Swedish massage techniques to bring about a state of relaxation and homeostasis, enabling the client ot enter a deeper level of emotional, physical and spiritual relaxation and well-being.

The stones are placed in strategic positions on the body to create a therapeutic and holistic effect - this benefits both the area on which the stones are placed, and the person in general.  Working with stones results in a deeper treatment; the affects and the feeling of well-being last for many hours afterwards.

The stones used for the treatment

Volcanic basalt is usually used in hot stone therapy.  Basalt is the most common of igneous stones (igneous meaning that they are formed from molten lava), they are usually grey or black in colour and are rich in minerals such as iron and magnesium.

Small, chilled marble stones are used for treatment of the face - marble is renowned for it’s ‘cool’ energies.

In addition to stone, crystals may also be incorporated into the treatment as they too have a ‘balancing’ effect,



75 minute treatment